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Lemon Wallet

Where I learned i was a UX guy

Lemon iOS app Our first user research results board Results of the prototyping and early testing process for the Lemon Expense webapp Lemon web, before and after our design system implementation Lemon iOS app by late 2012 LemonADE merchants platform LemonADE mechants platform

On 2012 I became part of the Lemon Wallet team. Lemon Wallet (in those days just Lemon, and only a expense-tracking app to be, not a functional wallet) was a Silicon Valley and Argentinean workforce based startup eager to take the North-American market by allowing its users to keep track of how much they and their families were expending and where did their expenses go each time. There I got to do my first steps as a UX researcher, learned a lot about product development from my team and I got to be trained by Eduardo Mercovich in all about the human and user experience with systems. All this while delivering UI design and supporting its implementation. You can read more of my Lemon years in this article.

Lemon pivoted quickly from a receipts tracking app to a ecosystem consisting on a digital wallet app, a expense tracking platform and a merchant's platform to emit cards for their clients and keep track of the activity of those.

During the process of product design and development of each project I was in charge of:

  • Prototypes and final product design
  • Exploratory and confirmatory user test sessions (think aloud and remote unmoderated)
  • User journeys (recruiting, analysis and presentation)
  • User surveys
  • Design system leading and co-creation
  • UI Design and implementation support

Lemon experience, and particularly Lemon UI design was a key differential on user acquisition, reaching a million users in less than 6 months and 8 million dollars in its Series A round a couple of months after that.

In a fast-pace and small team with a pivoting product context, taking care of the UX meant to deal with having to explain drastic changes to users, guarding for a delicate balance between policies of less-damage for users and short-term impact for the business at its maximum.

Visual evolution of the iPhone4 app after a year of work (flat or material were not a thing then...)
Visual evolution of the iPhone4 app after a year of work (flat or material were not a thing then...)

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